Repair Shop

Mr. Rod Wylie has for over twenty years operated a full service violin shop offering major repairs and restoration to violins, violas, cellos, basses, and all bows.  He is east coast trained, studying with recognized master craftsmen such as Arnold Bone in Massachusetts for bow repair and Hans Nebel in New York for violin repair.

"At Mountain Melody Violin Shop, I take pride in providing a quality service to the customer, by carefully going over the options, whether they concern repair or the purchase of an upgrade instrument."
    - Rod Wylie


Violin, Viola, and Cello Repair in Centennial, CO by Mountain Melody Music

Rod entered the field of string instrument repair because he was unhappy with the quality of repair that he saw in many string instruments.  He knew that to upgrade the repair quality, he needed to study with the best.  Upon finding the right person, he was required to fly to the east coast every summer for years.

When you wish to purchase a string instrument, whether a beginning instrument or an upgrade, rather than just hand you an instrument and tell you this is what you need, we prefer to sit down with you to discuss your needs.  Then when you decide on the kind of string instrument you desire, we order several in the price range you have selected.  My wife Judy, who operates the Mountain Melody Music Studio, and I then sit down, play and listen to the instruments we have received, and make an initial assessment of each instrument.  We then ask you to play the instruments, and we discuss them together.  You of course make the final choice. We stand behind the purchase and go over the instrument with a fine tooth comb to check all our adjustments for the best sound for that instrument.


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