Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What ages do you teach?

A:  We start students at the age of  five (except for clarinet) and presently in the studio we have an age range of five years old     through high school, college, and a few adults.

Q:  How are lessons given?

A:  We give one lesson per week , one Master Class per month, and a four day Boot Camp at Winter Park in June to prepare for our final concert of the year.  Lessons and Master Class are included in the monthly fee.  Boot Camp at Winter Park is a separate fee.

Q:  Do you give recitals?

A:  Due to the large size of our studio, we divide the studio into three orchestras, Beginning orchestra, Chamber orchestra or     Intermediate orchestra and Symphony orchestra for advanced students.  The Symphony plays 90% of regular symphonic literature (non-transcribed or easy arrangements).  Click here to view a sample program.  We go to Snow Mountain Ranch in Winter Park in June for four days to prepare our end of the year concert. (Concert is given back in Denver)  and we feature all graduating high school seniors with a Solo concerto accompanied by the orchestra. The benefits of our recital style are numerous, but the best are: the discipline of playing from 9:30 AM to 8:30 PM with only a break for lunch and dinner ( this includes the 5 year olds ) and watching them thrive on it, love it, never complain, and have friends across different school districts for years.

Q:  What teaching methods do you use?

A:  We use traditional scale books, method books, and solos.  All students (including the five year olds) have two to four method       books and solos and a folder of orchestra music.


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